Cases Studies


Case studies


Brose, Automotive supplier

Presentation Training for mid and top level executives, in China

Group training with 12 participants; one-day training, practical training how to present successfully, developing structure & content of presentations, PowerPoint golden rules, presenting with confidence, capturing an audience.


Bayer, Chemical company,

Sennheiser, Audio company

International Media Training for company spokesmen in China and Singapore

One-on-one training; intense, one-day practical training using customized industry typical interviews for real-life video interview training. Improved participant’s media skills through performance analysis and message delivery enhancement.


Roche, Pharmaceutical Company

HR Workshop Facilitation held in China, Shanghai

Two-day workshop; creating structure and moderating discussion of future strategy and key competences.


Vossloh, Rail technology company

Bauer Group, Extract company

KPMG, Audit company

Cross Cultural Training / Chinese Culture, held in China, Shanghai

One-on-one training, one day practical training to introduce management and employees to cultural differences working and living in China through interactive training and role play. Cultural awareness activities addressing leadership in different cultures, negotiation skills, conflict management, and challenges living in foreign countries.


Metro, Global wholesale company

Communications Training for board of directors held in China, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine and Japan

Group training with 12 participants; one-day training, communications techniques, media, presentation and company key messages.


Pleon, German public relations company

Training Workshop PR in China held in Germany, Berlin

Group training with 50 participants; three hour workshop training top management of European PR agencies on the nature and scope of public relations in China, Chinese PR-culture and PR methods.


Brose, Automotive supplier

International Management Training / focus Germany, held in Korea, Seoul

Group training with 12 participants; one-day practical training for Asiane management talent circle to provide deep insights on how to work successfully in a Western company located in Asia. Participants learn culturally different communication patterns, leadership styles and management methods enabling them to better understand the Western influenced working environment (in this case with the focus on German working culture), and how to promote a long lasting career within a Western company.


Lanxess, Global chemical company

Public Relations Crisis Training held in China, Germany and Austria

Group training with 12 participants; intensive one-day training of crisis management for board members using a customized industry case to simulate a real-life crisis situation, learning how to react in order to minimize the effect of a crisis.


Shunya, Chinese public relations company

International Account Management Training held in China, Shanghai

Group training with 16 participants; one-day training for management to provide insight for working with international clients. Training demonstrates international account management best practices, using practical cases and interactive exercises.

Johnson Control International, Automotive Supplier

Facilitating Advanced Leadership Training held, in Yokohama, Japan

Group training with 16 participants; two day advanced leadership training for top managers from Japan and Korea.



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