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Intercultural Management Training


Leadership within cross-cultural teams; Negotiations; Different cultural processes for project management and decision making; Organizational challenges; Knowledge transfer systems; Relocation to different culture.

Countries: China, USA, Germany

International Management - Western Culture (specially designed for Chinese management; different country focus e.g. Germany, USA, Switzerland, Austria)

SinoComms Media Training


How journalists think; Media landscapes in the target country; PR strategies; Interview training; Controlling the message & communicating critical messages; Developing company key messages; Social media challenges & chances. Intensive Media Training for spokesperson


TV Interview Preparation


Public Speaking

Company Key Messages Workshop

Workshop Public Relations China

Workshop Public Relations Germany

Company Crisis Training


More SinoComms Trainings


Leadership Competence

Sales Training

Project Management

Effective Presentation, Communication

Creative Techniques, Decision marking

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Organizational skills; Time Management

Team Building, Change Management

Crisis Management

EQ Training & Coaching




Training languages: English, German, Chinese (Chinese speaking foreigners and native Chinese trainer).




Areas of Expertise


Strategic Executive Coaching

Business Communications Skills

Executive Management Development

Leadership Development

Top Level Job Transitions

Public Speaking/Public Messaging

Relocation Challenges


Recent Engagements


American general manager of multinational company transitioning from engineer to management of over 100 employees

German senior manager advancing to a more senior role in German multi-national company

Corporate spokesperson for a Chinese multi-national with a rapidly expanding international footprint

Vice president for a multi-national company career coaching

WORKSHOPS Design and Facilitation








China Business

Public Relations



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