PLA - Made for China 

Our Practical Leadership Assessment

What it is: PLA-Practical Leadership Assessment is a method to score competence on key leadership traits and abilities such as communicating, organizing, decision-making, cultivating talents, innovation and strategizing.  The PLA was developed jointly by experts from China and Europe, specifically for leadership assessment in China.  Although there are other tools used for leadership assessment, the PLA is specifically modified to apply to the particular leadership challenges in China.  The assessment is pragmatic, easy to implement, easy to understand, and its results can provide concrete directions for leadership improvement. The PLA can provide detailed scores of leadership competence for the whole organization as well as for individual leaders.  The PLA program has proven to be an effective tool to improve leadership performance of both individuals and organizations.

Why it works: Many European and American leadership assessment tools simply do not work in China. Domestic Chinese assessments, on the other hand, usually are not sufficiently comprehensive and are less scientific in their design and statistics. The PLA assessment fills this gap between Western and domestic products; it can effectively help organizations in China evaluate and improve leadership.

The PLA program has been proven to be effective in a wide range of industries. 

Talk to us: The results of this Practical Leadership Assessment provide the data from which we can tailor a comprehensive training and coaching plan that takes communication and organizational effectiveness to a new, higher level. Contact us for more information and an introduction.

Clients using PLA:

"The PLA assessment. It was well done in our company with all our managers. They realized now where they have to improve their leadership skills.  It was not just an assessment, it was also an good education of leadership, covering a comprehensive range of skill sets for a manager."

Lin YJ, General Manager of Xida International Chemistry Co., Ltd.,  Taiwanese Company in Chemical Industry.


"We assessed over 20 managers through PLA and found it is a great HR tool. Afterwards we had the needed data to understand how to improve leadership in our company. It also helped our whole staff to understand what leadership means and enable them to better supervise their managers. This was a two-way help."

Violey Xie, China HRD of Sonova, Swiss company, hearing aids industry.



"We used the PLA assessment once and we were so convinced by the results that we want to use it now on a regular basis in order to monitor the progress of our leadership improvement. This assessment was easily applied into our China team. We could tell it was designed for Chinese managers."

Nishibun, General Manager of Horiba (China), Japanese company in various industries.



"The PLA assessment is a very practical and useful tool. It was easily understood by all our staff and was done smoothly without misunderstanding and confusion."

Feng Xiao, HRM of Oxford Instruments China, British multi-national company in high-tech industry.