About Us

Successfully putting newly learned knowledge into practice and at the same time unlearning old habits  - this is a core challenge managers and teams are facing today in a globalized world.

Our strategies also enable the implementation of new techniques such as agile thinking, which require a strong focus on communication and cooperation. 

Our focus on collaboration and communication starts already with the work for your trainings, coaching or workshops - they are always tailored to the respective goal after discussions with our clients. We believe the right training or coaching has to be customised. Every employee, company, and country poses unique communication challenges and we help our clients get it right the first time.

Our office locations are in Shanghai, China and Dusseldorf, Germany. This way we are able to build the management training bridge between Asia and Europe. Our international trainer and coaching team knows from their own experiences how to be successful  as managers on both sides of the world. 

Made for China:

Our Practical Leadership Assessment


Our PLA-Practical Leadership Assessment is a unique tool designed to assess individual and organizational leadership skills within a Chinese context. Often Western assessment programs do not work because they do not adjust for Chinese cultural differences. Our PLA was developed by experts from China and Europe and was specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced when conducting business in China. 

Click here for more information about our special PLA tool.

Special Program:

International Management Training for Asian Managers 

In addition to Expat training non-Chinese executives in China, we developed an International Management Training especially for Asian managers working in foreign-owned multinational companies. 

We have a proven track record of helping our clients reach their goals and reducing human resource cost and turnover.