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SinoComms - The Team

The SincoComms team consists of international communications experts with a vast experience in their fields. Have a look...    

Karsten Schmidt

Senior Business Trainer & licensed Coach, Facilitator; Attorney

Düsseldorf, Germany, and Shanghai, China

Karsten Schmidt is a trainer, coach, and moderator who works with executives all over the world.  He leverages 20 years of experience living and working in Shanghai, New York and London and over 20 years working in a variety of media settings as a journalist (among them six years working as foreign correspondent for the German TV station RTL in New York).  Karsten leverages his international business experience in his training and coaching programs, specializing in cross-cultural, leadership and communications trainings. With his long and successful career as an international TV reporter and Public Relations specialist, Karsten offers unique insights and real life practical tips in his media trainings. His career as a reporter and interviewer also enables him to moderate discussions and facilitate highly professional workshops. With a lectureship at the law faculty of Heinrich-Heine-University for "Applied Rehtoric and Communication" Karsten Schmist is also active in teaching. As partner in a law firm in Düsseldorf, he specializes in press law.

Karsten is an ICF Certified Associated Coach as well as a certified NLP practitioner. He speaks German, English and conversational Chinese.


Astrid Thomessen

Senior Trainer, Licensed Coach & Facilitator

Dusseldorf, Germany

Astrid Thomessen is a Düsseldorf-based business and feedback coach, diversity consultant and trainer who works with executives from global medium-sized and multinational organizations. She coaches for results that matter not only in terms of geography and communications but also in corporate culture and cross-cultural business experience. Along with 25 years of working in leading positions in international companies and institutions in Europe and the US in a variety of industries, (e.g. banking, energy, aviation, consumer electronics, food and beverage plus leadership management), she is using her skills and strengths to help executives to transform leadership-, communication - & feedback styles in order to boost their individual and team performance as well as their behavior in uncertain situations.

Astrid is an ICF certified Coach, a WorldWork London Licensee in IPI (International Preference Indicator) & ITTI (International Trust in Teams Indicator) and is collaborating with the Center for creative leadership.

Astrid trains in German and English.

Tom Doctoroff

Senior Trainer & Consultant

New York, USA

Tom is one of Asia's most respected advertising professionals and also a leading expert in Chinese consumer psychology. His unique combination of pan-Asian work, plus more than a decade based in China, has made him a leading expert in the cross-border management of brand architecture and brand building.

Tom is the recipient of the “Magnolia Government Award (白玉兰政府纪念奖),” the highest honor given by the Shanghai municipal government to expatriates and was an Official Torchbearer for the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Tom is the author of the best-selling books "Billions: Selling to the New Chinese Consumer" (2006) and "What Chinese Want" (2012) and  "Twitter is not branding" (2014). 

Tom speaks English and fluent Chinese.u 


Senior Trainer & Consultant

Shanghai, China

C.J. is originally from Singapore and one of our top sales and leadership trainers. He ha has helped international companies achieve improvements in sales profits in Asia and China in particular. C.J. Is the only Asian sales, innovation and leadership expert to have been invited to speak at the American Society for Training & Development International Convention.  C.J. is an expert helping international hospitality chains to make the transition from sales people to high-performing sales team leaders. He also is a expert in the pharmaceutical field, improving pharmaceutical companies senior managers' leadership skills.

Before becoming a  trainer C.J. gained real practical experience  as Asia Marketing Manager for a Fortune 500 logistics company, as well as Corporate Training Director for Ringier AG.

C.J. is fluent in English and Mandarin.

Dr. Peng Zhang 

Senior Trainer & Consultant

Shanghai, China

Peng Zhang has both extensive insight as a Chinese manager and a long-term perspective that comes from working with international western companies. Peng worked as general manager for two different multinational corporations for 14 years before he decided to share his China knowledge as a trainer and consultant. Whether Peng is teaching leadership, organization building, or human resources development, he brings remarkably insightful Chinese management expertise. He speaks Chinese and English. Prior to his business management jobs, Peng was a certified doctor of forensic medicine both in China and in Scotland.

Dr. Roland Winkler

Senior Trainer & Consultant

Munich Germany

Dr. Roland Winkler holds a German Ph.D. in Sinology and has been working as a consultant for the past 15 years, mainly advising German companies and acting as intercultural manager for Sino-German projects. Since 2005, he has lived and worked in Shanghai, managing projects like Econet China at the German Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. Together with German and Chinese architects, Roland founded MUDI (“Munich Urban Design International“), an architectural firm focused on sustainable design. His focus areas are cultural and technical training and intercultural mediation.

Dr. Roland Winkler trains in  Chinese, English, French, and German.

Terri Creeden

Senior Trainer & Coach

Basel, Switzerland

Terri Creeden  coaching, she supports individuals, executives, line managers and emerging talents develop their

leadership skills and individual leadership voices.  In addition to coaching, she is one of our experts  for business consulting, meeting facilitation and leadership development training.  One of her most profound coaching and training work is in executive presence.

Terri brings to her work 10 years of experience in the international pharmaceutical industry, holding positions as a project manager, strategic advisor and communications business partner for a global research team based in Switzerland. 

Terri has a background in the biological sciences and holds a Masters degree in Human Genetics as well as a Masters degree in Public Health.  .

Terri coaches and trains in English.

Dr. Albert Thiele

Senior Trainer & Coach

Dusseldorf, Germany

Albert is a well-known and experienced communication trainer in Germany. The author of the best selling book "Argumentieren unter Stress" (Arguing in stressful situations), Albert has trained top managers in Germany for decades. His specialties include media training, communications, and presentations. Albert is a highly sought-after trainer and advisor, depended upon to bring the right message across in speeches or in the media. Participants in his workshops include famous TV moderators and reporters as well as managers who plan to appear on TV for the first time.

Tjessica Stegenga

Senior Trainer & Consultant

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tessica Stegenga is a highly trusted advisor, trainer, and coach to senior management of many organizations. She brings over seventeen years of experience in international consulting, marketing, and communications. Tjessica works as a coach and mentor for managers dealing with major transitions at their companies. Tjessica lived seven years in Germany managing various Ketchum Pleon businesses. Tjessica holds a Masters in Science in General Management and is a graduate of the CTI Co-Active Leadership Program (Spain) as well as the two-year Harvard/Omnicom Senior Management Program at Babson (USA).

Tjessica trains and coaches in both English and Dutch.

TJ Walker

Senior Trainer & Consultant

New York, USA

TJ Walker has been conducting media training workshops and seminars since 1984.  His book, “Secret to Foolproof Presentations” was a USA Today #1 Bestseller, as well as a Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek Bestseller.  TJ is also a regular contributor to Forbes and the Reuters Insider Network.  A frequent network news communications analyst, Walker has made more than 1000 network TV and radio appearances. TJ is the author of “Media Training A-Z” and “Media Training Success.” He has lectured or conducted trainings at Yale University, Columbia University, and Princeton.

TJ Walker trains in English.